Secure corporate, association and trade names under .SAARLAND!

June 12th, 2014

On July 17, the domain .SAARLAND will start in the Sunrise period.

During this launch phase, not only trademark holders have the possibility to register domain names. In the so-called Sunrise B phase, companies, associations, and public-law institutions / statutory entities can also apply for domain names corresponding to their denotations. During the Sunrise B, they get privileged access to their own “label domain”. Sunrise B applications can be submitted through a .SAARLAND provider from July 17 to September 15.

During the Sunrise B period authorized entities can apply for company names, association names, Saarland-specific trade names and business identifiers as well as names of Saarland public-law institutions / statutory entities amongst others.

In general, only applications for domain names that are an exact match to the registered, statutory or otherwise protected name will be accepted. However, there are some exceptions. For example, a direct reference to the Saarland or the Saar region in the name can be omitted in the domain name.

Sunrise B applications submitted through a .SAARLAND provider have to include sufficient verifications that clearly demonstrate that the requested name is the official name of the legal person or its protected trade name, etc.. The submitted documents must also show the date of registration of the authorization or of the formation of the company, association or corporation / institution.

In the case of a successful application, the domain will be allocated at the end of the Sunrise period to the applicant. If multiple applications for a domain name have been successfully validated, Sunrise A applications of trademark holders have priority over Sunrise B applications. If there are multiple valid Sunrise B applications, the allocation is determined by a closed auction between the acceptable applicants.

For all applications, the general application and registration fees of the Sunrise period apply. For more information, please contact your registrar or domain provider.