.SAARLAND Pioneers

Next to promoting the Saarland community, the .SAARLAND domain is aimed at achieving a brand awareness of Saarland in the Internet.

.SAARLAND allows companies, associations, membership corporations, public institutions to draw attention to their local services and their own regional identity. Therefore, we would like to introduce some of the .SAARLAND pioneers, which already use a .SAARLAND domain in this early phase of the .SAARLAND domain.

  • wpmeetup.saarland - WordPress user meetings

    We want to provide local user meetings for the popular CMS "WordPress" in Saarland, and what can be better for our website as a .saarland domain?
    Christian Sabo and Kai Hehl, Organizers of the WordPress Meetup Saarland

    WordPress Meetups are meetings of WordPress developers, designers and users, which already use WordPress or want to do it in the future. The WPMeetup Saarland would establish such meetings also in the Saarland. Further information www.wpmeetup.saarland.

  • ursapharm.saarland - For our future

    URSAPHARM Engagement can also be reached under ursapharm.saarland. So we express our deep attachment to the region in which our company has emerged and grown to international size.
    Ornella Andreu, URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH

    As a small token of its gratitude, the URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH supports sport, culture and social projects in the region for many years to give back a part of their economic success to the country and the people. Under ursapharm.saarland can be found information on projects and project applications.

  • willkommen.saarland - Little things make a big difference

    .SAARLAND domains are a very useful way to carry many benefits of living and business location Saarland outward.
    Tina Müller, Project Management Saarland Marketing

    Under willkommen.saarland there is not only a wealth of information on the topics of life, work, education and leisure in the Saarland, but also a job portal with more than 5,000 vacancies.

  • onlinerland.saarland - Das Saarland geht online

    We are the most successful Internet qualification campaign in Saarland. To date, over 75,000 people participated in the Internet courses of the "onlinerland". It was only natural to use a .saarland domain for our website.
    Dr. Gerd Bauer, CEO of the MedienNetzwerks SaarLorLux e.V.

    Since 2005 the MedienNetzwerk SaarLorLux e.V. and the Landesmedienanstalt Saarland provide with the support of the Government of Saarland and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union (ERDF), numerous sponsors and project partners the nationwide campaign "Onliner Saarland". The aim of the campaign is to sustainably promote the Internet skills of the Saarland population by tablet courses. The tablet courses are conducted for free on site for the participants, with the support of around 315 project partners (for example associations, political parties, and local governments).

  • webdesign.saarland - Webdesign made in .SAARLAND

    What would better fit to our web sites of 100% Saarland resources as a .SAARLAND domain! We encourage each of our customers to use a .SAARLAND Domain!
    Thomas Beckert, Owner and CEO SitePoint GmbH

    The team of webdesign.saarland assists among others with the website creation, the search engine optimization and the hosting of Web sites and ensures that its network consists only of Saarland companies. Further information could be found under www.webdesign.saarland.

  • do2r.saarland - Werbung aus Saarlouis

    As a company from the Saarland, it is our desire to connect us in this way with our homeland.
    Sandra Dorr, CEO

    The agency "Dorr Design" from Saarlouis is a team of specialists for advertising and communication in the field of print and online media.

    DORR DESIGN is now availabel under www.do2r.saarland.

  • cispa.saarland - IT- competence center with .SAARLAND domain

    .SAARLAND enables us to express the solidarity of CISPA with the region and the centre of innovation Saarland. By using the domain for our web presence and our email communication we contribute a part to make the Saarland as an excellent research centre nationally and internationally better known. Additionally, with this domain we have the opportunity to thank the region and the government for many years of support, which has even helped us to bring the center to today's excellence in IT-Security.
    Prof. Backes, CEO of CISPA.

    The center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability (short: CISPA), the competence center for IT-Security at the University of Saarland, can already be reached under cispa.saarland.

  • it-tag.saarland - The IT-Expo in Saarland

    The IT-Day is an IT-Expo specially designed for the region and therefore, it was no question to us to promote this with the new Top Level Domain .SAARLAND. The advertisement for this fair is exclusively processed through this domain, which, in our eyes, stands for IT know-how and the IT center Saarland.
    Sabine Betzholz-Schlüter, IT-Tag Saar

    The IT-Tag is the leading fair in the region for users and IT-companies, which offers a wide range of information about services of the IT-sector in Saarland. The website it-tag.saarland presents all necessary information for exhibitors and visitors of the annual fair.

  • businesscast.saarland - Learning by entrepreneurs

    As Saarland entrepreneur we want to inspire other entrepreneurs for the foundation or the company's succession in Saarland. Therefore, the naming of our podcast was a matter of course - as well as the associated .SAARLAND domain.
    Jan Hoßfeld, CEO

    Using Business Podcast Saarland (BPS), two young entrepreneurs convey first hand knowledge - without script or cut, but simply authentic. Experts from all over the Saarland will participate. The goal: Showing that it is worthwhile to start businesses in Saarland or take over.

    More information: www.businesscast.saarland.

  • trockenbau.saarland – Professional drywall construction

    With a Saarland domain we immediately communicate our radius of action and activity. A better domain selection for a Saarland company is hardly imaginable. We are proud of our Saarland domain.
    Christoph Jenderko, CEO

    The company Christoph Jenderko Akustik- und Trockenbau is an owner-managed drywall construction company with professional experience since 2001, which carries out all drywall work according to state-of-the-art technology and can now be reached at www.trockenbau.saarland.

  • bodendesign.saarland - Floors by experts

    Lang Bodendesign was founded to meet the special requirements of top flooring, parquet flooring as well as plank flooring and wooden stairs renovation. As floor layers our topics are installation, laying and reparation of different wooden floor types. For you and your home. Local. Regional. From here.
    David Lang, Owner of Lang Bodendesign

    Lang Bodendesign from Saarbrücken is an expert when it comes to flooring and it is using for its web presence a memorable regional web address: www.bodendesign.saarland.

  • studienpioniere.saarland - Study support in .SAARLAND

    For StudienStiftungSaar (study foundation Saar), the use of .SAARLAND naturally suggested itself. Our project “Support of study pioneers”, supported by the European Union, was therefore named “studienpioniere.saarland”.
    Christian Thomaser, CEO of StudienStiftungSaar

    Study pioneers are young people who will join university as the first person in their non-academic family. In order that suitable persons, which means talented and committed students, achieve this goal, studienpioniere.saarland supports at least 200 talented and engaged students from Saarland per year starting from 9th grade on.

  • sehenswertes.saarland - Discover the Saarland (newly)

    My website sehenswertes.saarland is designed for visitors as well as local citizens. In my opinion, we still haven't realized how beautiful our home country really is. It is even so beautiful that other people spent their vacation here.
    Patric Haupt, CEO of P-H-Design

    With the slogan “We live in vacation”, sehenswertes.saarland presents gorgeous corners in Saarland and links to specialized web sites of selected villages in Saarland.

  • mainzerstraße.saarland - Always a great experience

    As part of the foundation of Quarter Mainzer Straße e.V. and the redesign of our website, it was immediately clear that we would choose a .saarland address. We would like to express our commitment to our homeland in the web address. A club in the Saarland should also have a .SAARLAND Internet and e-mail address.
    Andrea Dumont, Quartier Mainzer Straße e.V.

    The Quartier Mainzer Straße e.V. is an association of homeowners, residents, service providers, traders and cultural workers in Saarbrücken. The aim of the association's activities is to optimize the attractiveness of the residential quarter. Further information at www.mainzerstrasse.saarland.

  • zeitansage.saarland – Always at the full hour

    The time announcement in Saarland, www.zeitansage.saarland informs via internet, especially by Twitter-Timeline or Facebook Chronic, about the current time “dehemm” (slang for “at home” in Saarland). zeitansage.saarland reports always at the full hour.
    Christian Gersch, zeitansage.saarland

    The website zeitansage.saarland reports every full hour the time in the regional dialect “saarländisch”. The information are also available on the Twitter (@um_punkt) and Facebook.

  • insel.saarland - Discover your forces

    True to the motto of the Saarland Marketing "Little things make a big difference", we offer our services in the Saarland and contribute to improve the quality of education. Thus it is self-evident that the domain also expresses this goal.
    Horst Rauhoff, Director of INSEL

    The INSEL (Institute for sustainable school competence, education and learning support) supports and encourages people to discover their own resources and forces to improve themselves and act self-determined. The institute can be found under www.insel.saarland.

  • landesmedienanstalt.saarland - Media in the .SAARLAND

    We opted for a .SAARLAND domain to emphasize our connection with Saarland and our network in this federal state.
    Uwe Conradt, Director of Landesmedienanstalt Saarland

    The “Landesmedienanstalt” is a supervisory authority, but also contact person for the private broadcaster in Saarland. Furthermore, it is engaged in the support of e.g. the promotion of media competence as well as the location “Saarland” for film and media. Find more information to contact persons and services under landesmedienanstalt.saarland.

  • hauptsach-gudd-gess.saarland - Good food for Saarland

    The whole “Pirrung-Group” has as catering company only one thing in mind: Good food for all! With the slogan “Everything's fresh. Everything's possible!” the four sister companies cook for various target groups. Varied and specific to target groups, but always according to the Pirrung vital kitchen concept: Fresh. Seasonal. Regional.
    Sabine Groll, Head of Marketing of the Pirrung group

    Mensa Vitea, a company of the Pirrung-Group, presents its offers for catering service in company restaurants, acute care- and rehab clinics and retirement homes on its hauptsach-gudd-gess.saarland website.

  • dafür.saarland - Learn German online

    With our e-learning portal „DaFür-Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Integrationen“, we want to show that even the Saarland is engaged! Therefore the .saarland domain came at the right time!
    Janna Hefti, Marketing & Sales

    „DaFür-Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Integrationen“ is a free e-learning portal, which consists of online courses, various apps and additional materials as copy templates. More information about the project of EUROKEY Software GmbH, the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland and the country's Institute for Education and Media can be found under dafür.saarland.

  • gourmetexpress.saarland - Tasty snacks on wheels

    We have chosen a .SAARLAND address to express our connectedness and belonging for our home region. In addition, it's an advantage over competitors.
    René Kappés, Gourmetexpress

    Everyday, the vehicles of the "Gourmet Express" serve many different companies within the region with delicious snacks. The offer includes several sorts of sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, desserts and more. For further information www.gourmetexpress.saarland.

  • digitaldruck.saarland - Individual print solutions

    As a competent print service provider in Saarland and across borders, it was perfectly logical to emphasize our connection to our “Heimatland” (home country) through a new .SAARLAND domain.
    Christian Weirich, CEO of the Pirrot GmbH

    The Digitalprint Pirrot GmbH is a professional full service digital print provider in Saarland. Handouts, books, brochures, textile finishing, extensive print processing, digital large format print, mailing processing and much more is their daily work field. It entered the digital print market as one of the first printing companies in Germany over 25 years ago. Thanks to this many years of experience, they could execute print orders, which where impossible to be handled by other printing companies. You will reach the Digitalprint Pirrot GmbH from Saarbrücken-Dudweiler under digitaldruck.saarland.

  • systemhaus.saarland - IT from the Saarland

    With a .saarland TLD, we emphasize not only our principal sphere of action, but also increase our brand recognition.
    Timo Schmidt, CEO Systemshaus Saarland

    The Systemshaus Saarland originated in 2015 by the merger of Fire & Flame IT and Rieckhof IT. In addition to IT solutions, the Systemhaus provides software developments, cloud solutions, Windows-based client-server networks, and the construction and operation of telephone systems. Together, the private brand "IntellyCloud" was developed. The website of the Systemhaus Saarland can be find here: www.systemhaus.saarland.

  • bigfm.saarland - The local radio station for youngsters in Saarland

    We are proud of our small federal state with its almost 1 million citizens! And we would like to show this. Therefore, .SAARLAND domains are perfect.
    Knut Meierfels, CEO of bigFM Saarland

    The radio station bigFM provides information about the team, its radio program and events under bigfm.saarland.