2-letter .SAARLAND domain names are available

August 26th, 2015

The dot Saarland GmbH will release another part of the 2-letter .SAARLAND domain names for registration. Among them are attractive abbreviations as tv.saarland, dm.saarland, sz.saarland, and sr.saarland.

The upcoming release of another part of 2-character .SAARLAND domain names includes country-code domains (ccTLDs) and 2-character terms that are generally blocked by ICANN. A list of these domain names can be found here.

From September 1, 2015 (00:00 UTC) to September 30, 2015 (23:59 UTC) a 30-day Sunrise period will take place.
The Sunrise period offers right holders the opportunity to apply for .SAARLAND domain names that match their brands or equivalent law. Rights holders with TMCH registration are entitled to participate in the Sunrise A; holders of similar rights from the Saarland, for example officially registered companies, associations and statutory corporations are entitled to participate in the Sunrise B.

Sunrise A applications for 2-character .SAARLAND domain names are only possible with a valid SMD file (Signed Mark Data). Please enter "Sunrise" as phase name. Sunrise B applicants must represent that all provided information is true and correct and provide documentary evidence sufficient to verify the right to the claimed name. All applications must be submitted through an accredited registrar. The required evidence must be sent per e-mail to sunrise@nic.saarland directly to dotSaarland GmbH. Please note that this is not a "first come, first served" Sunrise.

Please find the Sunrise policy of 2-letter .SAARLAND domains here (German only).

If multiple applications for a domain name have been successfully validated, this time Sunrise B applications have priority over Sunrise A applications. If there are multiple valid Sunrise applications in a category, the allocation is determined by a closed auction between the eligible applicants. Valid Sunrise applications have priority over all those from the other launch phases.

Your .SAARLAND provider will inform you about pricing for 2-character .SAARLAND domains.

Following the Sunrise, a 7-day Quiet Period will take place. The General Availability of these domain names will start on October 8, 2015 (10:00 UTC). Then, the allocation follows the "first come, first served" principle.