.SAARLAND domains are available as of tomorrow!

July 16th, 2014

As of tomorrow 10:00 UTC, the first domains under .SAARLAND can be registered mandatory. At this time, the .SAARLAND domain starts in the first phase of its four-stage launch process, the so-called Sunrise period. Simultaneously, the Founders Program, in which interested parties can apply for .SAARLAND addresses with an innovative utilization concept, begins. As of October 30, .SAARLAND domain names will be generally available and can be registered on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

“We are very happy that the project can start now after a two-year application process for the operation of .SAARLAND”, said Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the dotSaarland GmbH, the registry of .SAARLAND.

In the Sunrise phase beginning tomorrow, ending on September 15, brand owners have the possibility to apply for a domain name corresponding to their trademark (Sunrise A). Furthermore, Saarland companies, associations, and corporate bodies / institutions under public law (Sunrise B) may apply for domains corresponding to their official name. Thus, these groups will receive privileged access to their domain name.

The Founders Program starting at the same time as the Sunrise, but ending earlier on August 16, enables each interested user to apply for a valuable, intuitive and short .SAARLAND domain with a utilization concept tailored to the Saarland at an early stage. The Founders domain name applications are judged by an independent panel, which is inserted by the nonprofit dotSaarland association.

With the beginning of the General Availability on October 30, 2014 .SAARLAND domains will become available for registration by all interested parties in accordance with the "first come, first served" principle. Pre-orders for the General Availability of .SAARLAND domains can already be submitted with several registrars.

The dotSaarland GmbH has developed guidelines to register .SAARLAND domain names for different groups of interested parties, including companies, self-employed persons and private persons.