Only a few steps needed to get a .SAARLAND Founder address

May 16th, 2014

On July 17, the .SAARLAND Founders Program will start. Interested parties can already find the application form for .SAARLAND founders addresses on the website of the dotSaarland GmbH.

During the Founders Program everyone with a concrete utilization concept that demonstrates a benefit for the .SAARLAND community can apply for a .SAARLAND domain name. Thus, the applicant is given the unique opportunity to acquire a valuable, intuitive and short domain name at an early stage. Applications can be submitted from July 17 to August 16. The Terms and Conditions, the application form and the contract for the Founders Program are only available in German.

During the Founders Program, companies, associations, organizations and individuals can apply with an existing or new website project for a .SAARLAND domain name. Each applicant may request a maximum of five domain names. For each domain a separate application must be submitted. Applicants have to complete an application form, in which they answer questions about the utilization concept for the requested domain, the form is available for download.

The Founders domain name applications are judged by an independent panel, which is inserted by the nonprofit dotSaarland e.V. Decisive for the allocation of a domain is the benefit of the website project for the Saarland and the Saarland Community.

An application during the Founders Program requires a non-refundable application fee of 140.00 Euro. The amount of 140.00 Euro includes the domain registration fee for the term of 1 year.

In case of a successful application the applicant concludes a contractual agreement with the dotSaarland GmbH on the use of the domain according to the terms of the Founders Program. The utilization concept for domain names that are awarded under the Founders Program should be implemented within one year after the allocation.