Now .SAARLAND domains are available for open registration!

October 30th, 2014

As of today, the .SAARLAND domain is available for open registration by all Saarland people and Saarland fans.

With the so called GoLive, the start of the General Availability, the unrestricted sale of .SAARLAND web addresses starts at 11:00 UTC. From this point, .SAARLAND domains can be registered on a „first-come, first-served“ basis. To celebrate the official .SAARLAND start, members of the non-profit dotSaarland association, the judges and applicants of the Founders Program, as well as representatives of the state government are invited to a launch reception at the company headquarters of the dotSaarland GmbH in St. Ingbert (Germany). On time with start of the General Availability the number of live registrations will be revealed.

With the beginning of the GoLive all .SAARLAND vendors will deliver both their collected pre-orders for the General Availability of the last months, as well as the live registrations to the dotSaarland GmbH.

In opposition to the preceding Sunrise and Landrush periods, the „first-come, first-served” principle is valid now. In the case of multiple applications the one obtains the domain name whose application is received first by the dotSaarland GmbH.

„With the start of the General Availability, the launch of the .SAARLAND domain is completed. All Saarland people and Saarland fans can now move into their new home in the virtual world“, says Volker Greimann, legal advisor of the dotSaarland GmbH. “Saarland’s own top level domain (TLD) helps to highlight the technical competence and innovativeness of the region, and to present the country as a progressive business location.”

Anke Rehlinger, minister of economic affairs of the Saarland, emphasizes the economic value of the .SAARLAND domain: “Today is the beginning of a new normality: Step by step it will be usual to use and notice .SAARLAND domains. The domain extension .SAARLAND supports value creation, growth and employment in the region.”