First .SAARLAND launch phase ending in 14 days!

September 2nd, 2014

The so-called Sunrise Period of the four-stage .SAARLAND launch process will end on September 15, 2014.

During the Sunrise, brand owners (Sunrise A), Saarland companies, associations and similar rights holders (Sunrise B) have the possibility to apply for a domain name corresponding to their trademark or official name. For everybody who wants an early access to a particular domain name, the Landrush Phase will start on September 23. As of October 30, .SAARLAND domain names will be generally available.

“We are very happy about the previous registration numbers and excited about the interest that Saarland people show in their domain”, says Alexander Siffrin, CEO of the dotSaarland GmbH, the registry of .SAARLAND.

The Landrush Phase will follow the Sunrise and start on September 23 to enable everyone a priority access to .SAARLAND domains. During the Landrush Phase, special preference will be given to registrants with a domicile or business address in the Saarland to further promote the regional character of the TLD.

With the beginning of the General Availability on October 30, 2014 .SAARLAND domains will become available for registration by all interested parties in accordance with the "first come, first served" principle. Pre-orders for the General Availability of .SAARLAND domains can already be submitted with several registrars.

Guidelines to register .SAARLAND domain names for different groups of interested parties, including companies, self-employed persons and private persons can be found here.